Elder: Douglas Smitherman


 Elder Douglas' duties are not limitd to a ruling elder but he is also Tabernacle of Praise's Chief Financal officer. All  things dealing with the church's finances goes through this man of GOD.  Elder Smitherman is in charge of all accounts payable and receiveable as well as any benevolence transactions.

Elder Smitherman is the husband of Pastor B. Smitherman.  Being retired from both the Militray and the US Corp of Engineers he brings with him a vast amount of knowledge in many areas, which is essential in the everyday operation of the church. 

Elder Smitherman is also the head of the Transportation ministry for the Tabernacle of Praise.  It is his responsiblity to make sure that the church vehicles is in optimal running condition and to see to and assign qualified drivers.

He and Pastor Barbara have been married for 45 five years and his the true patriarch of the family.

  July 2020  
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