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Spiritual Name Droppers
April 29, 2020, 4:08 PM

Spiritual Name droppers


Until we understand what it truly means to have a true relationship with God, we are destined to miss the blessings and promises of God.

The Bible tells us that we have to first believe that He is and He is a rewarder of them that DILIGENTLY seek Him.

Because a person goes to church or quotes a few bible verses or says a few religious sounding clichés does not necessarily mean they have a TRUE relationship with God. For Example we quote different sayings all the time that have been penned or previously stated by people. Maybe read books written by people and may have a genuine like for the author and their work, but that does not mean we have a relationship with that person. We may have even met the person like at a book signing a concert etc. which for some people means they now have a relationship with the person. That is when the name dropper syndrome comes into play.

What is a name dropper? A Name dropper is a person who will use the name of a well-known person, celebrity politician or even royalty in a way that would lead others to believe that they know the person just to make them look like they are someone special, cool or important..

  1. all know people who are name droppers right? Those people who in an attempt to elevate themselves in the eyes of other people or even to make themselves feel more important in their own eyes, will drop the name of people whom they feel carry a certain amount of fame, clout or popularity. Many times the name dropper will invoke the spirit of familiarity by referring to that person by first name rather than by a respected title like, Mr., Mrs., Dr., Rev, etc. but what the spirit of familiarity is actually doing, in an attempting to make themselves feel important, they are actually disrespecting the well-known famous or infamous person. And in many cases these people will be believed by others to have a relationship with a certain person only to be found out to be a fraud when they are asked to maybe get a favor from the person for their self or someone else. It will then be revealed that they have NO relationship with that person.

That is what has happened in the kingdom of God, some people have become Spiritual name droppers making people believe that they have a relationship with God when in actuality all they have done is scanned through His book quoted a few of His sayings, or verses and adopted a few religious clichés that the world has invented. But as soon as a situation arises or a circumstance comes forth that appears threatening those very people will retreat back to the world for comfort, protection and or provision. When someone they have persuaded that they have a relationship with God asks them to go before God on their behalf they feel an uneasiness in their spirit. Those are the people who will agree to pray for you but as soon as you are out of their sight you are out of their mind. The bible itself backs up this theory in the three scriptures below:

Matthew 7:22-23 (KJV)

22 Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?

23 And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

Luke 13:23-27 (KJV)

23Someone asked him, “Lord, are only a few people going to be saved?”

He said to them, 24“Make every effort to enter through the narrow door, because many, I tell you, will try to enter and will not be able to. 25Once the owner of the house gets up and closes the door, you will stand outside knocking and pleading, ‘Sir, open the door for us.’

“But he will answer, ‘I don’t know you or where you come from.’

26“Then you will say, ‘We ate and drank with you, and you taught in our streets.’

27“But he will reply, ‘I don’t know you or where you come from. Away from me, all you evildoers!’


In Matthew 7:22-23, Jesus is basically referring to those who are fluent in quoting scriptures , have possibly said prayers for others and maybe even took part in some religious ceremonies and rituals. These were the church goers.

In Luke 13:23-27 Here He is referring to those who may have attended some of his meeting went to some social gathering in which He was attending so they feel like now they have the right to be allowed into His inner circle.

Matthew 22:8-14

8 Then he said to his servants, ‘The wedding is ready, but those who were invited were not worthy. 9 Therefore go into the highways, and as many as you find, invite to the wedding.’ 10 So those servants went out into the highways and gathered together all whom they found, both bad and good. And the wedding hall was filled with guests.

11 “But when the king came in to see the guests, he saw a man there who did not have on a wedding garment. 12 So he said to him, ‘Friend, how did you come in here without a wedding garment?’ And he was speechless. 13 Then the king said to the servants, ‘Bind him hand and foot, [b]take him away, and cast him into outer darkness; there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.’

14 “For many are called, but few are chosen.”

The above verses refer to those who attend the ceremony or church service those that feel as though they are worthy but refuse to do what is required. They want to appear as they belong to the kingdom but refuse to obey the requirements.

The King’s question indicated His surprise. 1. “Friend, how did you come in here without a wedding garment” (12)?

2. The question was rhetorical; they both know the answer – the guest “was speechless”.

3. Garments were provided to everyone; if you didn’t have one on, it was because you didn’t want to put one on.

4. This is an example of people who want to enjoy the benefits of the kingdom, but who don’t want to abide by the decrees of the King.

B. Why would someone make that choice?


I have been told by so many people that even if you are a Christian you must use common sense. No where in the Bible does it say God gives you common sense! Instead it tells us; My son, let not them depart from thine eyes: keep sound wisdom and discretion: Proverbs 3:21. Wisdom is knowing what to do; discretion is knowing when and where to do it.

There is nothing Common about God so he can not hand out Common Sense. Common sense is the term coined by the world to influence the thinking of mankind. And we all know that Satan is the God of this world. 2 Corinthians 4:4 (NLT) Satan, who is the god of this world, has blinded the minds of those who don’t believe. They are unable to see the glorious light of the Good News. They don’t understand this message about the glory of Christ, who is the exact likeness of God.

Going to church on a regular or semi-regular schedule does not mean you are a highly spiritual or God-fearing person. But it truly could mean that you are a highly religious person. You can be religious and not be spiritual you can be religious and not know God! Remember the Pharisees and the Sadducees were religious but they did not know Christ or the Living God.

None of the rulers of this age understood it, for if they had, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory. 1 Corinthians 2:8



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